Chess Clash – spiele online

Chess Clash – spiele online


  • Kategorie: Games
  • Veröffentlichung: 2021-09-28
  • Aktuelle Version: 7.0.0
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 79.11 MB
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  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 11.0 oder neuer.
Score: 4.44444
von 126 Bewertungen


Dir gefallen Puzzles? Teste deine Logikfähigkeiten mit Chess Clash! Schach ist eines der beliebtesten Strategiespiele aller Zeiten. Schlage die Figuren deines Gegners und setze seinen König schachmatt. Spiele online und duelliere dich mit Spielern aus der ganzen Welt. Lade deine Freunde ein und fordere sie zu einer Partie heraus. Chatte und tausche Geschenke mit anderen Spielern. Probier die zwei Spielmodi aus – genieße den entspannten Modus „Klassisches Schach“ oder den Modus „Schnellschach“, um eine rasante Partie zu erleben. Wähle verschiedene Arenen mit unterschiedlichen Spielpreisen. Schalte wunderschöne Schachspiele frei und sammle sie, während du Fortschritte im Spiel erzielst. Erhalte jeden Tag kostenlose Belohnungen! Tritt gegen andere Spieler in den Bestenlisten an. Erklimme sie und gewinne tolle Preise. Hauptmerkmale: ►Online-Multiplayer-Spiel ►Kostenlose tägliche Belohnungen ►Lade Freunde ein und spiele mit ihnen ►Chatte mit Spielern und tausche Geschenke aus ►Mehrere Arenen mit verschiedenen Preisen ►Zwei Spielmodi – Klassisches Schach und Schnellschach ►Sammle einzigartige Schachfiguren und Schachbretter ►Tritt gegen andere Spieler aus der Bestenliste an ►Unterstützt das Offline-Spiel mit dem Computer Bleib dran! Bald kommen weitere spannende Features. Lade es jetzt herunter und entfessle den Schachmeister in dir!



  • Scam

    von Darth Chriss
    This App is a pure scam. All it does it to make you play against bots and watching add (in case you don’t want to get pay for an add remove) You could potentially get good rewards if you rank up high in the game, but the entire leaderboard is filled with non real players. They try to hide it behind random generated names and pictures they stole from the web ( in case a lawyer is interested). But it does only need a single view into the profiles of the top 100 “players” and you will find out why they are all bots. They got ID’s that all have a _ (underline) in it. As a human being there is no way to set an ID with an underline in it. Not even an option of payment. I also reported this app to Apple themselves since you pretty much lie in your terms of services about it. No way such a scam should be legal.
  • worst chess app

    von Usommer
  • Worst game ever

    von Shadow1209999519
    This game is just pay to win, too many bot and people can use computers in the game. The developers should not be doing any games anymore because they just suck
  • One of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life

    von 4ft4
    This is not exaggerated. This is literally the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. The developers should be embarrassed. This game is cancer to the game of chess. They want to steal your money by introducing the chest system to chess. You get a chest every time you win and have to wait to open it … or pay money. And what do you get … skins. If you actually provide value for the money, I would gladly pay, like or if you want it for free, use lichess. But this game here should be banned from the App Store. I get it that you don’t have to pay money, but then the whole experience is just the worst ever. Really slow, no premoves, etc. this shows that the devs just want to steal money from the chess hype. They don’t care about anything else. Then there is the next big issue… 90% of your opponents are bots. I tried to communicate with like 50 people. Only one responded and he said the same thing, that he has the feelings that there are mostly bots. Ok maybe not everyone has chat enabled, but there were so many obvious signs, where the opponent just shuffled their king forward and backwards. Or played a move exactly every 7 seconds. This is so embarrassing and shows you that this game is so bad, nobody actually wants to play it. And I can confirm that: if you think about downloading this game, believe me, it’s not worth it. I wrote this whole review just so you don‘t waste your time. And please don’t watch ads in the game. Don’t reward those greedy devs with their stupid gambling chess games. If you want to play chess. Use, lichess or every other game. Believe me, every other chess game in the App Store is better than this game.
  • nicht gut

    von talha_tt
    Ladet euch lieber oder lichess runter. diese app macht einfach kein Sinn.