TIMBERplus Camera

TIMBERplus Camera

von Business Software Solutions GmbH


This App makes it possible to take pictures of Veneer, Veneer Samples, Sawn Timber and Layons and to link the pictures to the data in your TIMBERplus by scanning the corresponding barcodes. The pictures are transferred to the central TIMBERplus-database system via WiFi after pressing the save button. This is an update from our previous App, where it now allows for: Manual adjustment for the image quality Ability to see the log area in m2 or ft2 Ability to add the picture to just one bundle or the whole log. Ability to take more than 3 photos Ability to overwrite previously saved photos. Attention: To use this app, you need to have a TIMBERplus system. Thank you for the numerous amount of feedback, your praises and criticisms - we're very happy and thank you for helping us to improve our App! If you have any suggestions, please contact us via E-mail at info@timberplus.com. If you like our App please rate us on the App store.