TIMBERplus Veneer Stocktake

TIMBERplus Veneer Stocktake

von Business Software Solutions GmbH


This App is for the offline stocktaking of Veneer. The App synchronises with your TIMBERplus system to retrieve stock data. Search logs, pallets or bundles by scan which automatically selects the scanned data as found, or search logs by manual input. Once completed synchronise with your TIMBERplus system to send the stocktaking data. This App is a product of the TIMBERplus program suite developed by Business Software Solutions GmbH. It will not work without a TIMBERplus system. Thank you for the numerous amount of feedback, your praises and criticisms . We are delighted and use your feedback to improve our Apps! If you have any suggestions, please contact us via email at infor@timberplus.com. If you like our App, please rate us on the App store.