TechApp for Toyota

TechApp for Toyota

von Vladimir Susoykin

  • Kategorie: Reference
  • Veröffentlichung: 2015-05-30
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.0
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 14.96 MB
  • Entwickler: Vladimir Susoykin
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 8.0 oder neuer.


The application contains technical information that will help you in the repair and maintenance of your car. Data is divided into categories: general information, chassis, tightening torques of bolts and nuts, fuel system, brake system, lighting lamps, a replacement intervals and volumes of technical fluids. Technical data of repair, adjustments, volumes of fluids, service intervals, etc. - comply with the recommendations of the automaker and can’t be the same with your personal opinion, so it’s only for informational purposes. For work needed Internet access. Consumption traffic is little. After first loading the information that interests you data is cached, allowing you to view after it offline. Information is available for the following models: 4 RUNNER (KZN18_, VZN18_, RZN18_) AURIS TOURING SPORTS (ADE18_, ZWE18_, ZRE18_) AURIS VAN Box (NDE18_, ZRE18_, NZE18_) AVENSIS (_T22_) AVENSIS (T25_) AVENSIS Estate (T25) AVENSIS Estate (ZRT27, ADT27) AVENSIS Liftback (_T22_) AVENSIS Saloon (T25) AVENSIS Saloon (ZRT27, ADT27) AVENSIS Station Wagon (_T22_) AXIO/ALTIS Saloon (_E12J_, _E12T_) AYGO (PAB4_, KGB4_) AYGO (WNB1_, KGB1_) CAMRY Liftback (_V1_) CAMRY Saloon (_CV1_, _XV1_, _V1_) CAMRY Saloon (_CV2_, _XV2_) CAMRY Saloon (_V1_) CAMRY Saloon (_V2_) CAMRY Saloon (_XV4_) CAMRY Saloon (MCV3_, ACV3_, _XV3_) CAMRY Station Wagon (_V2_) CAMRY Station Wagon (_XV1_, _CV1_, _V10) CARINA E Hatchback (_T19_) CARINA E Saloon (_T19_) CARINA E Sportswagon (_T19_) CARINA II Hatchback (_T17_) CARINA II Station Wagon (_T17_) CARINA Mk II Saloon (_T17_) CARINA Saloon (TA4L, TA6_L) CARINA Station Wagon (TA4K, TA6K) CELICA (ST20_, AT20_) CELICA (ZZT23_) CELICA Convertible (ST16_, AT16_, AT18_, ST18_, AT20_, ST20_) CELICA Coupe (_A6_, ST16_, AT16_, AT18_, ST18_) CELICA Saloon (AT16_, ST16_) CELICA SUPRA (_A6_) COROLLA ALTIS Saloon (NRE18_, ZRE17_, ZRE18_, NDE18_) COROLLA (CDE12_, ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_) COROLLA (NRE15_, ZZE15_, ADE15_, ZRE15_, NDE15_) COROLLA (ZWE18_, NZE18_, ZRE18_) COROLLA Estate (_E12J_, _E12T_) COROLLA FX Hatchback (E8B) COROLLA Hatchback (_E9_, _E11_) COROLLA Liftback (_E8_, _E9_, _E10_, _E11_) COROLLA Saloon (_E7_, _E8_, _E9_, _E10_, _E11_, E15_) COROLLA SECCA Hatchback (_E10_, AE102) COROLLA Station Wagon (_E7_, _E9_) COROLLA Verso (ZDE12_, CDE12_, ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_) COROLLA Wagon (_E10_, __E11_) CYNOS Coupe (EL54) ESTIMA (MCR3_, ACR3_, CLR3_) ESTIMA (TCR2_, TCR1_) GT 86 Coupe (ZN6_) HIACE II Box (LH5_, YH7_, LH7_, LH6_, YH6_, YH5_) HIACE II Wagon (LH7_, LH5_, LH6_, YH7_, YH6_, YH5_) HIACE III Box (YH7_, LH6_, LH7_, LH5_, YH5_, YH6_) HIACE IV Bus (LH1_) HIACE SBV IV Box (LXH1_, RZH1_, LH1_) HILUX (VIGO) III Pickup (KUN_, TGN_, LAN_, GGN_) HILUX SURF (RN10_, VZN13_, VZN10_, RN13_) HILUX SURF (RN5_, LN5_, VZN6_, RN7_, RN6_) IQ (KPJ1_, NGJ1_, KGJ1_, NUJ1_) LAND CRUISER (PZJ7_, KZJ7_, HZJ7_, BJ7_, LJ7_, RJ7) LAND CRUISER (_J6_) LAND CRUISER 200 (VDJ2_, UZJ2_) LAND CRUISER 80 (_J8_) LAND CRUISER CYGNUS (FZJ1_, UZJ1_) LAND CRUISER Hardtop (_J7_) LC PRADO (_J9_) LC PRADO (KDJ15_, GRJ15_) LC PRADO (LJ12_, KZJ12_, TRJ12_, KDJ12_, GRJ12_) LITEACE Box (_R2__V) LITEACE Box (CM3_V, KM3_V) LITEACE Bus (_R2_LG) LITEACE Bus (CM30_G, KM30_G) MODELL F Bus (_R2_, 31) MR 2 I (AW1_) MR 2 II (SW2_) MR 2 III (ZZW3_) PASEO Convertible (EL54) PICNIC (_XM10) PRIUS (ZVW3_) PRIUS ALPHA (ZVW4_) PRIUS C (NHP10_) PRIUS Hatchback (NHW20_) PRIUS Saloon (NHW11_) PROACE Box Body / Estate QUANTUM III Bus (LH1_, RZH1_) QUANTUM V Box (TRH2_, KDH2_) RAV 4   (SXA1_) RAV 4 I Cabrio (SXA1_) RAV 4 III (ACA3_, ACE_, ALA3_, GSA3_, ZSA3_) RAV 4 IV (WWA4_, AVA4_, ZSA4_, ALA4_) RAV 4 Mk II (CLA2_, XA2_, ZCA2_, ACA2_) STARLET (_P7_) STARLET (_P8_) STARLET (EP91) SUPRA (JZA70_,GA70_, MA70) SUPRA (JZA80) T18 Hatchback (_E7_, T18) TACOMA II Pickup (LN8_, RN5_, LN6_, YN6_, YN5_, LN5_, RN6_) URBAN CRUISER (NSP1_, NLP1_, ZSP1_, NCP11_) VERSO (_AUR2_, _ZGR2_) VERSO S (NLP12_, NCP12_, NSP12_) VERSO SPORTVAN (_CLM2_, _ACM2_) YARIS VERSO (_NLP2_, _NCP2_) YARIS/VITZ (_P13_, P1_, P9_)