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  • Veröffentlichung: 2023-03-18
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.3.9
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  • Entwickler: Lok Ming Peter Chung
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Make your daily breathing practice a breeze with breathRPG. Whether for yoga, tai chi, free diving or your own practice, breathRPG is the one. Key Features: Intuitive Guided breath - Mesmerizing pulsating flower synchronizes with your breathing and practice - Follow your breathing practice with the instruction and metrics - Save individual timing for hold phases - Save partial breathing practices - Completed practices automatically save to records - Stop breathing practice without saving - Timer counts upward in minutes and seconds - Check rounds and cycles completed Create your custom breathing practice with Rhythm + Pattern Generator - Create a pattern from phases: in, out, hold, in out and out in ( in = inhale, out = exhale ) - Set the rhythm in seconds per phase, minimum 1s - Set number of rounds per phase - Set organ: nose, mouth, low, medium, high - Set number of cycles - Edit your breath practice by navigating the timeline to add and arrange phases - Save your breath practice as a preset Create new breathing practices with Presets - Save and manage multiple breathing practices - Edit your presets Learn how you are progressing with Dashboard - Track your progress - Quarter and weekly progress - Scrub through chart data - Track the total time of breathing practiced and breath holds Learn your performance with Records - Monitor every breathing practice and breath holds - Filter records up to current date by choosing a from date - Delete individual records Experience clean UI/UX - 2 taps to start your daily breathing practice - Streamlined design - Cohesive feature set in one package No distractions - No ads or pop ads - Silent mode set as default Settings for Guided breath - Set ambient audio + volume - Set female or male voice instruction for UK, US or AUS accent + volume - Set bell alert every 60 seconds for hold phase + volume - Set haptic feedback when phase changes Settings for Flower - Set custom RGB or preset color - Set number of petals - Set petal width scale - Set petal X+Y-axis movement - Set petal opacity - Set Z-axis movement Settings for Metrics - Set custom RGB or preset text color Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: