GPS Field Area Measure GPS Map

GPS Field Area Measure GPS Map


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GPS Field Area Measure A GPS map is a tool to measure any area or location with a single touch on the map. Now there is no need to go on-site for lengthy measurements of any area or project to start work; try this GPS Field Area Measure GPS Map app and easily measure any area using just a pin point on the location and get the total available area measurement details. Just select an area and calculate easily using this tool. You can also find the different route distances by just drawing on the map the area which you want to go.  GPS Field Area Measure GPS Map app to accurately calculate the area using the digital measurement method. Get different types of map views to easily get the area you selected with just a simple touch. You have two methods to calculate any area, like the manual or walking method. Customize the area units in meters, acres, square miles, square feet, and square inches, or also customize the distance units into kilometers, miles, meters, yards, or many more. Get the option of a digital compass to find the direction easily. FEATURES: Easily find the area measurement or calculate the distance between two places. Digitally measure any area or land. Select with a free gesture touch and get the calculation of any area on the map. Draw your route and find the distance easily. Easily pick a location and find its details. Allows different types of map views to get the exact calculation you want easily. Measure any area manually or by walking. Get various area units and distance units. Save all measurements in the saved gallery. Get different digital compasses to find directions easily. One tap to share saved area measurements, distance measurements, and location. A quick way to easily determine the different area and location measurements. Upgrade to premium features: • AD-Free Experience • Get Unlimited Access of all features Premium Plans are here: GPS Field Area Measure One Week - 6.99 GPS Field Area Measure One Year - 44.99 For more information: Privacy Policy - Terms of use -