Genius Fax - Faxing app

Genius Fax - Faxing app

von The Grizzly Labs

  • Kategorie: Business
  • Veröffentlichung: 2013-02-06
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.4.3
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 35.59 MB
  • Entwickler: The Grizzly Labs
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 13.5 oder neuer.
Score: 4.67297
von 370 Bewertungen


Genius Fax is the easiest and affordable way to send and receive faxes with your iOS device. No need to go to the dreaded fax store anymore. Faxing with Genius Fax is simple, fast and beautiful. Read below for pricing and subscription information. To send a fax: choose a file from your favorite cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) or from any other iOS app (Genius Scan, Safari, Mail…) To receive a fax: subscribe for a number and you’re all set. You receive documents as PDF and can preview them or open them with any other app. **** Sending: - Tap the New fax button to open the fax' details screen - Enter your recipient's fax number - Scan your document with the Genius Fax built-in scanner or pick a document from the Files or the Photos app. - Alternatively, open a PDF or image file in any of your favorite apps and use their “Open with” feature to open the file with Genius Fax. - Optionally, add a title, sender, description, recipient details and enable the cover page. - Tap the Send button! - Each page costs a fax credit, the cover page is free. Receiving: - Subscribe to a number for 1, 3 or 6 months. - Give away your number to whoever needs to fax to you. - Add credits to receive faxes. One page costs one credit. - Faxes appear in your fax list as soon as they are received and paid for. Features: - Simple and beautiful UI. We don't understand why business apps should be ugly! - Pick a PDF or image file to send from another app or from the cloud. - Send a fax to select international fax numbers (see list of countries below). - Send and forget: be notified with push notifications when your recipient successfully received your fax, or if it failed to send. - Receive faxes. - Free cover page that includes the sender and recipient contact details, as well as a subject and a long description. - Conveniently buy credits and fax number subscriptions. - History of the faxes you sent available from any of your devices with Genius Fax (using your Genius Fax account). - Easily delete from history. Cost: - Each page of your PDF file costs a fax credit to send or to receive. - When sending, the cover page appended by Genius Fax is always free. - You can buy credits in Genius Fax. A fax credit starts at $0.99 but costs as little as $0.39 if purchased in bulk. - You can buy a number in Genius Fax for as little as $3.49/month. - Send your fax to any supported country. It's always one credit per page. International destinations supported: US, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, Kazakhstan, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand and Australia Genius Fax is fully compatible with Genius Scan. You can scan documents with Genius Scan and fax them with Genius Fax. Genius Fax supports documents up to 50 MB. Please share your feedback at so that we can improve the app with the next iteration! Legal: - By using Genius Fax, you agree to the terms of use. - These terms are always available from the Genius Fax' settings menu.



  • sending problems

    von Jaopinto&1
    Nr. is available with phone and you get a fax respond, but sending doesńt work.
  • fax zu teuer

    von schower90
    es gibt billigere apps
  • Endlosschleife

    von karambea
    Ich will mich beim starten neu registrieren: „es existiert bereits ein account mit der e-mail“. OK, als passwort vergessen: „es existiert kein (!) account mit dieser e-mail“.
  • Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis pro Fax ist zu teuer

    von qwertjkldjbylxllrpdndvdlxllf
    Muss man nicht mehr zu sagen, bei Preisen von 40 Cent bis 1,09€ kann es sich jeder selbst ausrechnen. Gibt günstigere Alternativen, da hat man täglich due erste Seite kostenlos.
  • Nice app but extrem expensive

    von ggfjh45(
    Tolle App aber ich finde 1,09€ für ein Fax etwas heftig....
  • Functionality 1

    von Klaus_SX
    forget to include >>> G - option for editable cover page templates, i.e. created in app with logo ... or scanned template and writable; H - option to choose different sender numbers, i.e. different country <<< into my previous post
  • Geld abgebucht, Fax nie angekommen

    von spitzname20
    Geld abgebucht, Fax nie angekommen ...
  • Unglaublich teuer

    von Sunnyflyer
    Eine Seite Fax jetzt sogar für mehr als ein Euro geht gar nicht! Sorry Leute! Kostenlos muss es nicht sein aber für den Preis.... Although the software seems to work the costs sre ridiculous - at least for central Europe. More than 1 €uro per page is usury! Theirfor the App is of no use and will be removed immediately. Sorry folks... I love your scan software but this one is....
  • Super App

    von Schadapo
    Ich bin total begeistert. Schnell ein Fax ohne Faxgerät senden. Einfache Bedienung. Ich habe hier lediglich einen Stern abgezogen, da eine eigene Faxnummer aktuell nur für den US/Kanadischen-Raum angeboten wird.
  • einfach super

    von Siria5
    bin total froh mit dieser App, besonders im Zusammenhang mit Genius Scan erleichtert es mir die Kommunikation über die Distanz ungemein.