Wasser Reminder : trink genug

Wasser Reminder : trink genug

von 361 Ventures

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Falls du öfter mal vergisst wasser zu trinken, haben wir genau das richtige für dich! Tägliche erinnerungen ans wasser trinken, statistiken und vieles mehr findest du in dieser App. Wir berchnen wie viel Wasser am tag du benötigst und lassen dich wissen wann du es trinken solltest. ***Main features*** -Easy to use, appeals to users of all ages. -Personalized calculation of the amount of water your body needs -Reminders that will prevent you from forgetting to drink water -Customized cup and standard (oz) or metric (ml) units -Graph and logs of your schedule to see your progress -Analysis daily, weekly and monthly -Various drinks such as coffee, fruit juice, soup, smoothie, and many more. (Remember that water occurs in other liquids!) -Can choose the amount of water each time. -Quick logging -Set your schedule to drink water for each day -Adjustable daily goals for physical activity & weather. Why you should enough drink water every day? Because Our body is 70% water. Not only is water essential to our life, but it can bring a lot of health benefits too and even help you with a weight loss diet. Water Reminder can help ensure you drink enough water and remain a healthy life Some benefits of drinking enough water: - Improves memory and mood -Improves metabolism & Helps weight loss/maintenance -Protects organs and tissues -Significantly affects energy levels and brain function -Prevents constipation -Helps prevent and treat headaches, kidney stones & hangovers -Supports the health of the urinary system