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  • Aktuelle Version: 1.1.5
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Tempus Air is the revolutionary Toro system to manage irrigation remotely, based on LoRa technology The Tempus Air irrigation system is completely wireless, runs on batteries, can be connected to the Internet independently. The MyToroTempus App is the free application that allows you to monitor and manage your irrigation system with a simple interface. Download the MyToroTempus App and follow the instructions to connect all the modules. The MyToroTempus app allows you to manage: - Tempus Air BS, Base Station, 3G-LoRa Gateway - Tempus Air BR, Base Station React, 4G-LoRa Gateway - Tempus Air BW, Base Station, WiFi-LoRa Gateway - Tempus Air CT, Bluetooth / LoRa controller, 1-2-4-6 stations - Tempus Air MS, multisensor module, 1-4 inputs - Tempus Air PS, pressure sensor module - Tempus Air MV, main valve module For more information: