My Human Design

My Human Design

von 38 (Guernsey) Ltd

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The best way for you to create success, joy and ease is not to do what works for other people - it's to understand who you are and do it in the way that's right and aligned for you. The most powerful you can do is become who you came here to be, and unbecome the way you've been taught to be. Human Design is a new science that gives you your unique roadmap to becoming that real version of self and from there, everything flows. There is a reason why following other people's plans and advice doesn't 100% work for you - because you were designed differently than them. This app will give you a full breakdown of your chart, which covers how you're built to manifest, eat, work, your unique gifts and traits, your personality, how you learn, and so much more.



  • Great way to learn about your Human Design!

    von valeriya.bllr
    I love the app and it made learning about my human design much easier and fun! Especially love the daily tips which are part of my morning routine 💛
  • Favorite app ever!

    von ElaOdessa
    I feel so grateful that I coincidentally found about human design through Jenna. It helped me so much to understand myself and the people around me better. It gives me courage when I need it and also takes away my anxiety in many ways. It makes me love myself more and reminds me that being unique is the greatest gift in life. Thank you, lots of love 🤍
  • Without a doubt my favorite HD-App

    von Lotti266
    I just love the myhumandesign-website as well as this app! You get heaps of information with your chart and it’s super intuitive too. Highly recommend!
  • This app is amazing!

    von miamaria024
    This is exactly what I was looking for. It gives you a great overview of your chart and even those of your friends. It’s such an easy way to get tons of information that you would usually only get in an HD reading.
  • Love it so much! 🙏🏽♥️

    von Cor678
    I love the App. Its so great and helps me to focus on my own way. When I had a bad day it can help me to get me back on the track. And I love the voice messages so much! Thank you so much! The only App I use daily… :)
  • Thanks for sharing your wisdom

    von kaikaiari
    I appreciate this App so much. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful tool 🙏🏼
  • Best human design app

    von Doloris.S.
    If you are new to human design or if you are already deep down the rabbit whole, this app will not disappoint you. Every piece of information is made so easily understandable and holds a lot of wisdom for its own. I loved exploring the different areas and learning more about myself. Especially the „incarnation cross“ section was so personal and I never saw this in any other HD app. Thanks for the great work!
  • Amazing!

    von ev0821
    I love this app! So many insights and helpful resources. I was a complete beginner and never heard anything about human design before. I love learning with my human design app 😍
  • Tons of HD wisdom in one app

    von nika se
    I use the app to find out things about my own human design chart or look up my friends. I love how approachable and down to earth the teachings are and that the app looks just so beautiful. Very inspiring Great job Jenna !🦋
  • This APP is my daily Routine

    von PatriziaMG
    I've been using the app for a few months now and wouldn't want to do without it. I love it. The explanations of my chart, mediation and daily tips help me connect with myself every day and become more aware. Thank you Jenna Zoe and the whole team for your great work!!!