CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

von Chani Nicholas Incorporated

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2020-12-17
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.3.5
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  • Entwickler: Chani Nicholas Incorporated
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CHANI is your personalized guide through life’s ups and downs. The app was designed to make astrology accessible and useful. Our mission is to help people live their life’s purpose, and we believe that when you know your birth chart — aka your life’s blueprint — you’re better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This app is my safe space.” “This app is like a chat with my best friend “This app is honestly life changing. Never have I understood myself more”. “the best way to start every daily” “I always laugh. I am often deeply moved. And always leave with more tools and compassion in my pocket to move through my day and the world.” Our app is FREE to download. ALL users have access to the following FREE FEATURES AND CONTENT: - DAILY HOROSCOPES: Daily horoscopes to know how the astrology of the day will impact you. - MOON PHASES: Daily updates on the Moon’s phase and sign, and guidance on how to create Moon magic. - THE WEEK AHEAD: A weekly podcast that gives you a rundown of the astrology of the week and tips on how to work with it. - THE CURRENT SKY: A snapshot of what sign each planet is currently in, along with dates and information on when each planet stations retrograde. - ASTRO WEATHER: An astrological forecast of how the next 7 days will look on a collective level - BIRTH CHART: An overview of where each planet is positioned in your birth chart, and a summary of each planet’s role. We also offer PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTIONS that unlock all app content. This includes the following PREMIUM FEATURES: - BIRTH CHART READINGS & DESCRIPTIONS: Detailed insights into your unique birth chart. This feature unlocks every planet in your chart and the significant relationships they have with one another. - WEEKLY MAGIC & MANIFESTATION: Weekly readings, rituals, and audio offerings to help you get the most out of the week and its astrology. This also includes a personalized podcast for your rising sign, guided meditations and affirmations, journal prompts, and altar suggestions. With this content, you’ll get all of the tools you need to work with major astrological moments like New Moons, Full Moons, retrogrades, eclipses, and more. - DAILY FEATURED MEDITATION: A guided meditation for each day to help you make the most of the day’s astrological energy. - TRANSITS: A daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. These transits are time-sensitive and build upon your horoscopes by giving you precise insight into when and how certain planets will impact you. - YOUR YEAR AHEAD: A personalized astro-reading for the year that tells you what to expect each month, what the main themes of the year are, and how to work with the astrology via rituals, journal prompts, alar suggestions, and guided meditations. - A LIBRARY OF AFFIRMATIONS AND GUIDED MEDITATIONS: A library of audio meditations and affirmations to support you through all of your moods and needs. Who we are: CHANI is a queer, feminist-led team on a mission to support everyone in living their purpose. 5% of all our company’s revenue is disbursed directly to queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, POC, and/or disabled survivors of gender-based violence by We believe in promoting economic justice from the inside out and that good business prioritizes personal well-being. That’s why no one on our team is paid less than $80K before benefits and each of our employees is offered fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance; a 401(k) with a 5% match; unlimited menstrual leave; gender-based violence paid and protected leave; unlimited PTO with a vacation stipend; a wealth-building stipend; and more. Providing a sound and safe work environment for our team is what allows us to produce work that can transform people’s lives and have a lasting impact.



  • Convert

    von hilla1
    Meditatiing never worked for me, but somehow Chani‘s daily little 10 min moments fit perfectly into my morning routine and set me up for the day nicely. 🌷
  • Legendary app. ✨

    von robinzwi
    Even though I have left a review before during the pandemic when I started using this app, I need to return here to say that this is by far one of my favorite inspirational - awareness apps ever. Besides the stylish design and chani’s vibrant voice, I must add that every week I get goosebumps and sometimes scream in astonishment because my personal reading feels like my “close” personal therapist who knows exactly what my themes and topics are that I am dealing with. It is truly unbelievable and is proof that there is such important wisdom out there that needs to be seen and applied on a daily basis to keep us inspired, loving and aware for all there is to experience. I am truly thankful to all of you people who make this happen. You guys make a difference. ☝️ ❤️
  • this app makes me feel home

    von oryxomens
    thank you so much. if you told me last year i would read my horoscope every day, i would not have believed you. now here we are. also this app is the only one where i get 100% positive feelings when i get a notification. it gave me this extra scoop of courage, curiosity, and equanimity on multiple occasions. i just listened today to a podcast episode of the „let’s make work human“ podcast with Sonya Passi, the ceo of the company behind this, wow, i cried! i think it restored some of my faith in the future of all. i think this will ground my working with the stars on a new level of trust. thanks for being awesome! i am curious what next year will bring to us :) with you i feel a little bit safer
  • Never have I ever…

    von Jltmck
    Never have I ever known I needed an app so much in my week. never have I ever seen such specified knowledge about astrology in one place. never have I Ever used another persons meditations so frequently. never have I Ever felt so positive about the money that I’m spending. never have I ever recommended an app to somebody so much. Never have I ever been so confused about a redesign. Never have I ever had so much appreciation. Thank you.
  • So great!

    von igcezm
    I love my CHANI app so much. Thanks for this wunderful source of inspiration, especially since it has been re-launched with daily horoscopes. I appreciate it so much. For me, CHANI is learning, reflecting, meditating and developing more self-awareness. And, by the way, practising my English as a native German. Love your creative tone!
  • Heart

    von mugemartin
    I am using Chani app from the first day and it is the best app that I use so far! Thank you to all who created this amazing, loving, inspiring, caring, informative app. It is mind blowing and heart melting to experience that!
  • I can’t wait for the next weeks update

    von aboutmichaela
    I am using the Pro Version of CHANI since two months now and I am so in love !! I literally can’t wait for the next and next and next update for the week ahead. The app is making your astrology so easy to understand, but not only that it is having so many gemstones in it I literally learn everyday something new about me. Keep going with this beautiful work ! Lots of love Michaela
  • Transformation time

    von Zaneê
    Even though I am telling everyone that the premium version of this app is my „guilty pleasure“, it couldn’t be more wrong. Since I subscribed I had some deep transformational processes with my readings and the questions in it. I am very thankful for a queer* and political perspective on these topics but besides that it’s been amazingly accurate sometime and strikening. It helped me to move forward so clearly sometime and bring things to a point, I can’t even imagine how I did that in the past. Thanks for the love and I hope capital growth won’t destroy this deep spiritual essence in it.
  • Love

    von janis---
    Love it to the moon and back.
  • m o d e r n ✨ f u n ✨ p r o f e s s i o n a l ✨

    von ThunderxPoro
    ✨so so good & very different from ‚da usual‘ astrology. a wonderful use of language paired with fundamental knowledge meets an awesome modern design. I absolutely adore those collages and I would love for you guys to make them available in some { free } form 😉 thanks 🙏🏼 for creating so much content, especially when it is personalized on a weekly basis in one’s rising sign! ✨