CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

von Chani Nicholas Incorporated

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2020-12-17
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.2.9
  • Alterseinstufung: 12+
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  • Entwickler: Chani Nicholas Incorporated
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 14.2 oder neuer.
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CHANI is your personalized guide through life’s ups and downs. The app was designed to make astrology accessible and useful for your personal growth. Our mission is to help people live their life’s purpose, and we believe that when you know your birth chart— your life’s blueprint— you are better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. The app combines ancient astrological wisdom with mindfulness and meditation and offers the most detailed birth chart explanations available, multiple horoscopes for you based on the movement of the planets through the sky, real-time updates on how the current astrology is affecting you and your unique chart, workshops and rituals designed to help you work the astrology of the moment, a library of meditations and affirmations for daily use, and a journal to set intentions and track your growth with each New Moon and Full Moon. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This app is my safe space” “This app will revolutionize your ritual” “A healing engine designed to make you come into a relationship of abundance and respect for the planetary movements that affect our lives” “This app is so beautiful, thorough, functional, and detailed, it feels like a love letter to its users” Our app is free to download. ALL users have access to the following FREE FEATURES AND CONTENT: - Guide to the Week: Each week you will receive a guide that is designed to help you make the most of your week. The guide includes affirmations, themes of the week, and more. - Your Horoscopes: We have 13 horoscopes for you at all times, detailing where every planet is, whether or not they are retrograde, and how each planet’s position is affecting your life. - The Week Ahead: In this weekly podcast, we’ll give you a rundown of the astrology of the week and how to work with it. - Astroweather: Based on what the planets are doing in the sky right now, we’ll give you a quick forecast of how the next 7 days look, astrologically speaking. - Natal Chart: Take a peek at your complete birth chart and get an overview of where each planet is positioned in your chart, and what that planet’s role is. *We offer a premium subscription that unlocks all app content. PREMIUM FEATURES AND CONTENT: - Natal Chart: This section of the app includes detailed insights about your unique birth chart. It explores every planet in your chart and all the different relationships that they have with one another. - Workshops: Every week, we share new content and rituals to help you get the most out of the week and its astrology. You’ll get an audio reading for your rising sign, a guided meditation, journal prompts, and altar suggestions. We give you all the guidance and tools you’ll need to make magic out of major astrological moments like New Moons, Full Moons, retrogrades, solstices, and more. - Transits: Come here for a daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. This info is time-sensitive. Transits build upon your horoscopes by giving you precise timing on when certain planets will impact you, and insight into exactly how they will impact you. - Meditations and Affirmations: Our library of audio meditations and affirmations cover different moods and needs. Who we are: CHANI is a queer, feminist-led team on a mission to support everyone in living their purpose. 5% of all our company’s revenue is disbursed directly to queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color, and/or disabled survivors of gender-based violence by We also strongly believe in starting within, and we prioritize our team’s wellbeing with a salary floor of $80,000 before benefits, fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) with a 5% match, unlimited menstrual leave, gender-based violence paid and protected leave, unlimited vacation with a vacation stipend, and a wealth-building stipend.



  • lovely companionship!

    von robinzwi
    Love this app. Chani is a gem. Amazing way to inspire people Individually while learning about the basics of astrology. Bye for now.
  • Love

    von janis---
    Love it to the moon and back.
  • m o d e r n ✨ f u n ✨ p r o f e s s i o n a l ✨

    von ThunderxPoro
    ✨so so good & very different from ‚da usual‘ astrology. a wonderful use of language paired with fundamental knowledge meets an awesome modern design. I absolutely adore those collages and I would love for you guys to make them available in some { free } form 😉 thanks 🙏🏼 for creating so much content, especially when it is personalized on a weekly basis in one’s rising sign! ✨
  • Inspiring Joy

    von JujudoB
    Since half a year I own the great book, and was registered to receive the weekly emails. Somehow I though that was enough, and had just installed the basic version of the app. Then I started spontaneously the free trial of the premium version, and was struck by the amazing content it offers. I gifted myself the monthly subscription and look every day forward to listen to my reading, do a meditation and understood more and more about the stats and myself. The readings are so accurate, yet always positive and joyful. I love the contemporary, deep, queer, human and joyful approach. - this app really made my (3rd lockdown) life better. Thank you 🖤
  • Profound, beautifully written and brilliant content

    von Marina-PE
    This is clearly on of the most satisfying and well- thought through apps I have ever encountered. I went on the subscription from the start and it really enriches my life in a joyous yet thought- provoking and reflective manner. Totally recommended and so good on various levels- the podcast is awesome, the readings inspiring as they have always been, and the journal prompts and meditations are an endless source to engage and implement helpful practices. Five stars!!!!
  • Great content!

    von Moopsi
    This app is really beautiful and really well made. As expected from the author it’s very helpful astrological content and super worth the money. I just have one minor technical issue with displaying the writing prompts on my iPhone SE. They are cut off at the sides and make it hard to read and write in the journal section.