Puzzle in Bubble: Sliding

Puzzle in Bubble: Sliding

von Zhaohui Xing

  • Kategorie: Games
  • Veröffentlichung: 2020-06-29
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 25.54 MB
  • Entwickler: Zhaohui Xing
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 11.0 oder neuer.


Puzzle in Bubble is a new untraditional, intellectual challenge puzzle game. Player can play this puzzle with different puzzle patterns and puzzle layout shapes. This puzzle game has three puzzle patterns: zig zags, spirals and snaky shape. In center of each puzzle chip, there is an index number of the chip in the puzzle; the correct direction of these numbers’ arrangement represents the puzzle patterns, zig zags pattern, or spirals pattern, or snaky shape pattern. Player can select puzzle pattern in game setting page This puzzle game has four layout shapes, triangle, square, rhombus and hexagon. Player can select puzzle layout type in game setting page. Also, this game has multiple puzzle size, defined by puzzle chip count along the edge. Player can select puzzle size in game setting page. In game playing, player taps a puzzle chip, hold it and then move it along either horizontal direction or vertical direction if puzzle is square layout, or 60-degree or 120-degree diagonal direction if puzzle is triangle or rhombus or hexagon layout. The puzzle chips either in row or in column will shift together along the direction of player motion gesture; after puzzle shifts, if all chips are in correct positions matching the puzzle game pattern, either zig zags, or snaky shape or spirals, the game is winning and over. During game playing mode, when player taps the puzzle, the game will show a group animated arrow signs indicating the possible puzzle shifting directions. On game play page, there is a toolbar which includes buttons of SETTING, NEW GAME, UNDO, HOW TO, RESUME PLAY. Player can stop current playing and start a game playing by clicking NEW GAME button. Player can undo current playing step and roll back to previous game state by clicking UNDO button. In each game play, player might want to know how to complete current game to a winning result, by clicking the HOW TO button, player may get a demo of playing steps for the winning result. Please realize that this is only one reference of play steps, there may be a lot of different playing approaches to get the winning result even better solution than the demo; player is encouraged to try various playing steps to get to the winning result. After the demo show completes, player should click the RESUME PLAY button to resume back to the game playing state and continue playing the game. By clicking the SETTING button, player can enter Game Setting page and configure game setting. In Game Setting page, player can select puzzle chip bubble styles, puzzle shapes, puzzle pattern layout, edges from different picker controls. From “Bubble” picker control, player can select puzzle chip bubble type. From “Puzzle” picker control, player can decide a game playing puzzle layout shapes among triangle, square, rhombus and hexagon. From “Layout” picker control, player can select a game playing puzzle pattern layout among zig zags pattern, or spirals pattern, or snaky shape pattern. From “Edge” picker control, player can select the game playing puzzle size, different puzzle layout type has different puzzle edge option range, such as the square or triangle or rhombus type puzzle has the choice of puzzle edge from 3 to 4, the hexagon type puzzle has puzzle edge range from 2 to 3. The Puzzle in Bubble puzzle game is an exceptional, fun, educational board puzzle game and player can enjoy great game experience from this game.