TravSolo - Solo Travel Easier

TravSolo - Solo Travel Easier

von TravSolo Inc.

  • Kategorie: Travel
  • Veröffentlichung: 2019-10-09
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0.5
  • Alterseinstufung: 12+
  • Dateigröße: 78.98 MB
  • Entwickler: TravSolo Inc.
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 11.0 oder neuer.


TravSolo is a planning app for solo travelers. We help you solo travel easier than ever. Plan your trip, meet people, and stay safe – all the while sharing memories of your journey on the go. Travel blog easier than ever, without the hassle. Turning every traveler into a storyteller! CREATE YOUR ITINERARY Looking to inject a little more spontaneity on your solo travel? TravSolo provides the tools to create your travel itinerary on-the-go. Discover and explore new restaurants, bars, attractions, museums and activities without worrying about what to do or where to go next. Add your notes, photos, and videos as you go along like a travel blog or travel diary. No need to spend hours planning before you arrive, we’ve got you covered. Solo travel easier. TravSolo can be used to uncover hidden gems in your hometown as well! MEET PEOPLE Traveling solo doesn’t mean spending your trip alone. Connect with solo travelers, meet locals, backpackers and other women when you’re traveling using our travel itinerary app! We care about your safety so we’ve added a verification and ratings system to make sure you’re comfortable to meet new people. Automatically alert your worried family, friends and loved ones of your whereabouts as you move from one item to the next on your travel itinerary, without having to update them every minute. As a local or someone who recently relocated to a new city, you can use our app to meet other locals and travelers to make new friends. There is joy in meeting new people around the world! SHARE YOUR STORY Disconnect while staying connected. Focus on your travels while TravSolo turns your travel itinerary into a video that you can share directly with family, friends and loved ones or through social media at your convenience. No more editing or getting distracted with endless feeds or notifications while traveling. Allow your family, friends, and loved ones to follow your journey wherever you go, in real time. Easily create a travel blog, travel diary, or food blog without the hassle. Live your #travsololife Use our planning app for solo travelers today. Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback helps us keep the TravSolo airplane flying. Want a chance to have your solo travel story featured? Visit and submit your story at Want us to launch in your city soon? Email us at Solo travel today!