WhatsDirect-Without Contact

WhatsDirect-Without Contact

von Kishan makani

  • Kategorie: Social Networking
  • Veröffentlichung: 2019-04-15
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0.1
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 33.04 MB
  • Entwickler: Kishan makani
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 10.0 oder neuer.


WhatsDirect helps you to open a chat with any number without even saving it in your contact list. This app helps you in situation where you have to message some unknown person without saving their contact. Useful on situations like: - Someone called you and you want to contact it via WhatsApp? - You need to send a media to someone but you don't want to save it? - You need to send a message to someone but you don't want to save it? - You want to start a chat with yourself? Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to a phone number but you are too lazy to save that number in your contacts first? Or, Have you ever missed a call from an unknown number and instead of call him/her back, you just want to simply send him/her a WhatsApp message? So, this is the perfect app for you. You can send a message via WhatsApp application to any number you want even when you don't save that number in your contacts. WhatsDirect is a great tool for WhatsApp to send messages to any numbers those are not saved in your Contacts. Send Media: Step 1: Enter WhatsApp number Step 2: Press ’Send Media’ button. Step 3: Select media from gallery or camera. Step 4: You will redirect to WhatsApp with media copied in clipboard. Step 5: You just need to paste the media in WhatsApp input field. Step 6: Press send button and your media will send to selected chat user. Create links: You can create an url link that will open WhatsApp on the specified number. This is a WhatsApp feature, you don't need this app to open the link, only to create it. You can also add a message that will be autocompleted (will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be sent, the user must press the send button manually). If you specify a message but not a number WhatsApp will ask who to send it to (again, will NOT be sent, only autocompleted). You can save the link as a quick shortcut, share it so people can contact you (the number is visible on the link, be careful), set a predefined message on a site to 'share it on WhatsApp', etc. Remember, you don't need this app to open the link, it is handled by WhatsApp. Recents list: When a number is opened it is saved on a recents list, in case you want to open a number again and you don't remember the number. If you actively open a number remember you can create a shortcut on your launcher directly from WhatsApp (from the chat: menu, more, create shortcut). This is a tool app: simple and lightweight. No extra features, no extra size, no permissions, ...just the open-in-WhatsApp feature (with each update I add a little related feature, but I want to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible). Disclaimer: WhatsTool is not affiliated with WhatsApp and It's just a tool from a WhatsApp lover who was in needs of all these features :)