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Welcome to Volt, a simple way to save. We spend a lot of time looking after your money, working on ways to help Australians become better savers, and only a little bit of time debating the teal colour family. You probably know the Neobank drill – digital, independent, and a rate that makes you look twice at your regular bank. They’re the fun younger siblings who you’re kind of confused by but want to hang out with anyway. More importantly, here’s what you should know about Volt: Volt, not vault • Safe and reliable; not a booby-trapped crypt to stop you getting to your money. Government guaranteed for up to $250,000. A simple way to save • You’ll always get a great competitive rate, no matter what you do. Catch-free • You won’t get steamrolled for withdrawing, transferring, minimums, or just existing. No time wasted • Set up your account in the same time it’d take you to scroll your feed. Pay anyone • Even your friends that still like their bricks-and-mortars. Good habits die hard • A savings feature designed to help you put money away regularly (not reluctantly). Kind of serious, never scary • Helpful tips, educational pieces that don’t sound like gibberish, and an easy-to-use design that’s pretty easy on the eyes. Looking good • It’s just a bonus but honestly, our merch is pretty great. We’re a new bank, but we neo what we’re doing. Download now for iOS.