Blueriiot - Blue Connect

Blueriiot - Blue Connect

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2016-11-22
  • Aktuelle Version: 4.11.0
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Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant is the free app dedicated to the treatment of water in swimming pools and spas. The app works together with Blueriiot water analyzers (Blue by Riiot, Blue Connect, Blue Connect Go, Blue Connect Plus, Smart Water Analyzer and Smart Water Analyzer Plus). Associated with a Blueriiot water analyzer, the Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app helps you to look after your pool 24/7, even when you are away. No more uncertainty about the water in your pool or spa. Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant allows you to enjoy again your pool or spa with total peace of mind. The analyzer measures the temperature, pH, disinfectant level (chlorine, bromine, salt) and conductivity (salinity) of the water. It automatically sends these measurements to the app via the Sigfox network (you can check your pool coverage at The Blueriiot analyzer also works in Bluetooth, which means that measurements can be taken via the Bluetooth network by pressing a button in the app, as long as you are close enough to the device. It can also send the measurements via your Wi-Fi network thanks to the Blue Extender bridge (see below). The Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant application gives access to your pool data, and sends an alert in the event of a problem: ● Dashboard: informs you of the status of the analyzer, the water temperature and the quality of your pool water. ● Table of values: informs you accurately of the values ​​measured by the analyzer, trends and ideal values. ● Maintenance guide: advises you on the steps to follow with personalized chemical recommendations for your pool or spa, in order to maintain a clear and healthy water. ● Settings: allows you to configure the settings of your pool or spa and Blueriiot devices, and gives you access to technical assistance and support. Not all features are included in all of our packs. For more information, visit our website The app is available in the following languages: English - French - Spanish - Catalan - Dutch - German - Italian - Portuguese - Czech – Polish The Blueriiot range includes other products: ● Blue Check: smart strips. They work together with the free Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app. Manually encode the result of the strips in the app and take advantage of the info and advice provided. ● Blue Fit50: a hose clamp which allows you to install Blue Connect in the technical room, directly on the piping. ● Blue Extender: a bridge that automatically sends the measurements via your Wi-Fi network. Especially useful if the location of your pool or spa is not covered by the Sigfox network. ● Blueriiot Premium: the advanced version of the Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app, which includes even more features (more measurements, a complete measurement history, multiple access to a swimming pool, smart alerts, advanced settings, etc.) Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant is compatible with some “Smart Home” apps such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa : - Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. These smart personal assistants can provide you with information on the settings of your pool water (temperature, pH, redox, conductivity, salinity, etc.) as well as on the required maintenance action. All you need to do is ask. Example: “Ask Blue Connect about the pH of the water”.