ELSA - Pronunciation Training

ELSA - Pronunciation Training

von Elsa Corp

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2016-03-08
  • Aktuelle Version: 4.15.4
  • Alterseinstufung: 4+
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  • Entwickler: Elsa Corp
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 14.0 oder neuer.
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Do you feel like speaking English is no piece of cake? Luckily, ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is here to help. ELSA is an AI app with personalized English language lessons just for you. Start improving every day with your own personal practice partner. You’ll be fluent in English in no time. Our English learning app is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can quickly assess your fluency level and help you learn English, no matter what your native language is. ELSA has 7,100+ AI language learning activities and tools to help you speak in an American accent, learn English vocabulary, and improve pronunciation and grammar. You can learn Spanish to English, French to English, or any other language to English. ELSA will give the right English training to help you feel confident in any English conversation. ELSA listens and speaks to you, just like practicing with a real human…your very own personal tutor. You can speak English! > Key Features: - Instant Speech Recognition: Learn how to speak English words correctly with real-time feedback on your English pronunciation. - Accent Training: Perfect the American accent by learning the American English pronunciation of words in entertaining exercises. - Vocabulary Enhancement: Learn English vocabulary words and phrases that come up in daily conversation. - Learn English Anywhere: Practice English speaking throughout your day in snackable exercises in ELSA’s groundbreaking language app. - Bite-Sized Lessons: Choose from 7,100+ English language lessons in our unique English education course catalog. - Speaking Proficiency Score: Get a quantitative analysis of your spoken English skills as you converse in English and track your progress as you go. - Tips and Advice: Get effective tips on your English speaking skills in 190+ unique topics, such as travel and job interviews. - Exam & Test Preparation: Practice English conversations to train yourself for the IELTS speaking test, TOEFL English test, or other English language tests. > Why ELSA is Perfect for You… - Many Languages Supported: Learn English from French, learn English from Hindi, or any of the 44 foreign languages supported on our platform. - Unbiased Learning Environment: With ELSA, it’s just you and your AI language coach. Nobody will judge you and there’ll always be someone to teach you how to speak English correctly. - All Skill Levels: You can start from beginner’s English, or directly jump to advanced English practice lessons, whatever suits you. - Self-Paced Learning: Listen and practice English whenever your schedule allows. - Easy English learning tools: Our advanced language exchange tools and pronunciation coach are easy to access and always available. - English Beyond Pronunciation: Our algorithms are dedicated to teaching you the correct pronunciation of words. Not only that, but you can also learn English grammar and vocabulary as you practice. > How Can ELSA Get Results? - For Students: Study English on ELSA to excel in school or in the English Language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or the Duolingo English Test. With our focused lessons, like IELTS vocabulary lessons, you’ll get access to everything you need to succeed academically. - For Travelers: Get acquainted with different English dialects and accents without having to open English translators on your trip. Learn how to understand and speak in an American accent. - For Professionals: Learn the easy pronunciation of English words commonly used in your office. Learn to read and write in English to amaze your colleagues and excel at work. Become a confident bilingual speaker in no time. --- > Reach Out To Us: For more information, please visit our Terms of Service: http://elsaspeak.com/terms And check our Privacy Policy: http://www.elsanow.io/privacy --- ELSA is undoubtedly at the top of the best English language learning apps. Say goodbye to language anxiety and say hello to confidence with ELSA! Download Now!



  • Warum keine Aufgaben in Muttersprache

    von Pschyrembel
    Die Analysen sind extrem gut gestaltet. Man hat aber das Problem, dass die Aufgabenstellung schon in englischer Sprache erfolgt. Es wäre doch angebracht, die Aufgaben schon zu verstehen, bis ich die Sprache gelernt habe.
  • Video kommt man nicht zurück

    von ¿¿¿???¿¿¿
    Wenn man ein Video startet um sich anzuschauen, wie Muttersprachler ein Wort sprechen kommt man nicht wieder zurück.
  • Pops immediately Pro ads, claims 71% sounds like native, then every lesson 100% correct? How?

    von mattiarambelli
    I like improving my English skills and I’m no beginner. I also stated my level when asked by this application’s wizard. The disappointments came as listed below: - app claimed in the first test I sound 71% like a native speaker, but any lesson I tried later was passed with 100% correct scores - there is no way to select lessons or difficult or to start on some AI assessed journey: there is no AI here only speech recognition. I would expect an AI powers software to assess me using some exercises, or letting me pronounce few sentences, then give ad-his lessons and pronunciation exercises based on that. What I saw was similar to the “memrise” application, even the menu reminds me of that. Pity, I had high hopes.
  • Nonsense

    von kk10273020
    I am from London and just wanted to try the app for fun. It gave me 84% on the first introductory sentence xD
  • Endlich!!! Life changer

    von SlavaVladu
    Ich habe mit sämtlichen Coaches gearbeitet und war trotzdem nicht damit zufrieden, wie meine Aussprache ist. Die App kann das besser, als alle Coaches, für die ich mittlerweile einen 4 stelligen Betrag ausgegeben habe! Jeden Cent wert, vielen Dank 🙏
  • Sucks…

    von flo82stgt
    I deliberately made mistakes and the program claimed that I am a native speaker. The app sucks.
  • mags nicht

    von Olla👋
    finds schade das man keine anderen sprachen sprechen kann und man kann die akzente nicht verbessern
  • Super in der gratis Version, technische Probleme in der Pro Version

    von usabilityverbessern
    Ich habe die gratis Version ca. 1 Woche genutzt und finde das Konzept top. Nun habe ich das Jahresabo gekauft und habe mit technischen Problemen zu kämpfen. Teilweise fällt der Ton aus, die Seiten hängen und es ist keine Aktion mehr möglich. Sehr schade.
  • Annoying bugs

    von Hyperionion
    It’s often that the pronunciation samples can’t be played, even though I have clicked it several times. Please solve this problem.
  • Great App with some problems to be solved

    von Guiller-Spa
    I really like the idea of this app and the exercises that I find here. However, what really annoys me is when you say it correctly and you still get a bad score. I recorded several times the Elsa voice to use to test it und the scores lied surprisingly by roughly 85%! That’s really something that must be improved. Otherwise, it is a very useful application to revise pronunciation. I can strongly recommend to practice single words. Good job guys but please check the bugs. It would make this app the 1# of all apps I know of