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The Pattern

von Pattern Home, Inc.

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2017-05-26
  • Aktuelle Version: 3.3.66
  • Alterseinstufung: 17+
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  • Entwickler: Pattern Home, Inc.
  • Kompatibilität: Lauffähig ab iOS 11.1 oder neuer.
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Created to help you feel seen and understood. A homegrown labor of love, The Pattern was born out of our founder’s personal journey of self discovery. While trying to make sense of a challenging time, she recognized what an incredibly empowering tool our birth charts can be and sought to develop an application that could offer this information in a way that was easily digestible for all. Offering a psychological blueprint of one’s self and insight into the unique things they may be experiencing during a period of time, The Pattern acts as a mirror, helping you to better understand yourself and others, enabling connections to be made on a much deeper level. As featured in Vanity Fair, Time, TechCrunch, Vogue, Mashable, Harper’s Bazaar, Men's Health and more. FEATURES -Your Pattern: In-depth insight into your unique personality traits. -Your Timing: An informative overview of influential cycles you may encounter throughout your life - past, present and future. -Bonds: Explore your unique compatibility with friends and romantic interests. Gain valuable information about your most important relationships - or those of your favorite public figures. -World Timing: Highlight influential cycles that may be affecting all of us collectively. Some people will feel these cycles more personally than others. -Custom Profiles: Create a profile for anyone to learn about your similarities, and the various cycles they may be experiencing at any point in time. -Friendship Patterns: Take a deep dive into your friends' patterns to better understand the ways in which you can support one another. -Romantic Patterns: Gain valuable insight into your romantic dynamics with another individual; explore your strongest connections, and identify potential challenges. -Shared Experiences: Connect with the community by sharing and learning about the ways in which individual traits affect each of us. -Chat: Directly message your friends on The Pattern. Follow @ThePattern on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern The Pattern offers in-app purchases that enhance the user experience. An auto-renewing "Go Deeper" subscription may be purchased to unlock additional content, for $14.99 / 3 months. This subscription is entirely optional and may be canceled at any time. Details are available in the Terms of Service, available here:



  • Free content reduced and fees increased

    von Katsumi-chan
    Subscription fees have drastically increased and a lot of formerly free content is now premium. I am a former subscriber but these current prices are way too high. Disappointed.
  • Erschreckend genau

    von IlovethisApphehe
    Gute Analyse
  • Nice!

    von vnv20
    It's a nice app. Although I don't know how useful it is to rely on a „manual“ how to read me best way, instead of listening and trusting me ... but, still entertaining, that's why four stars.
  • I can’t even log in?

    von chriscic
    I just signed up with my phone number, but when the time came to actually log in, it told me that there was an error with my phone number ???
  • Old updates disappear

    von DrShili
    Hello, I love this app and the updates that are coming in everyday. Unfortunately since some time I can only read the latest when I open the app. I don’t have time everyday to access the app and it’s a pity that I miss so many updates. Please change it again as it will make the experience way better. Old updates must not be available forever but at least a week. Thanks
  • MOST accurate personality app

    von sss13
    Did an endless vary of tests and apps and while I’ve found great sources, this one is incredible on point.
  • Best Astro app ever ever.

    von Sweethomepiano
    You don’t need to pay for a psychic or a psychologist. Just try to reflect on yourself and read this. I should have found this app earlier. The only thing I would like to get from the app is the information of how they get to this result. Like I was wondering if it’s about the aspects of certain planets and so on. In a way I can understand why they don’t pu those info in cuz it’s more about the solutions. So people would stay focused on improving and not get distracted by loads of information
  • Seelenspiegel!

    von Karina920213
    Es ist definitiv die beste Astro-App, die existiert. Selbst kritische Freunde von mir konnten kaum ihren Augen glauben, als sie die beängstigend akkurate Analyse ihrer Person erhielten. Die App ist das, was man heutzutage self care nennt und sie hilft einem immens an der eigenen Persönlichkeitsentwicklung zu tüfteln. The Pattern ist ein treuer Begleiter meines Lebens geworden und das bald seit 2 Jahren. Ich empfehle sie jedem.
  • Update

    von Cmbhathaway
    I Love the app but since the last update it’s not opening anymore. :(
  • Not good

    von helosch44
    I can't log in and I tried multiple times. I used facebook, apple and my email...