TIMBERplus Lumber Collection

TIMBERplus Lumber Collection

von Business Software Solutions GmbH


Gather lumber logs and dimension of boards with your iPhone or iPod Touch and import the data into the TIMBERplus system. This Apps serves the purpose of recording Sawn Timber batches for the buyer. The buyer creates a batch and assign a number to the batch with a short description. Every log with the individual planks are recorded for each batch. Species, specifications, qualities (kiln dried, air dried, trimmed, partly trimmed, not trimmed, steamed, not steamed) can be stored for each log.Including an e-mail feature with a file that can be imported to Sawn Timber Stock. Thank you for the numerous amount of feedbacks, your praises and criticism - we are very happy about it and you are helping us to improve our App! If you have any suggestions, please contact us via E-mail at info@timberplus.com. If you like our App please rate us on the App store.